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Ideas for small improvements to game

Post#1 » 02 Feb 2016, 03:04

I thought I'd put some ideas for small improvements to the game here as they don't need a thread on each one!

a) It'd be nice to be able to adjust options like sound levels during a game (as it currently requires quitting a game to do so).

b) The tabs in the Options menu need some written text as to what they are instead of using pictures alone. I still have no idea what the one with the picture of the guy wearing a headset and futuristic sunglasses does, with Easy/Medium/Hard settings. This could be in the form of a mouse-over tooltip.

c) An indicator of which units can participate in combat during the combat phase, as there's currently no indication without clicking on a unit. Perhaps an orange dot (similar to the one or two blue dots that show in the movement phase), for those units that can participate in combat, and which turns grey when the unit has used its combat attack, and no dot for those that can't engage in combat.

d) When joining a multiplayer game it takes a while to load and the screen doesn't change, so one doesn't know what's happening. Better having a "Map Loading. Please wait..." message or screen.

e) I feel the game could make a lot better use of sound effects by adding several more - and by replacing one of them! Here are some new sounds that I feel would add to the game:

i) Get a better sound sample for the tank/artillery movement. Seriously, it sounds like someone ripping some paper! There must be a better sound sample out there that could be used. Also it would be nice to have a unique movement sound for each of the three unit types (so tanks and artillery not sharing a sound).

ii) Sound, probably clicks, when clicking on tabs in the main menu and its folders.

iii) Some introductory sound or music/sound effect at the start of each battle when the map appears.

iv) A sound for the beginning of each turn when the flags in the top left of the screen expand. Perhaps a Turn xx notification also appears (and fades).

v) A sound when Pass is pressed/at the start of every turn phase (Reinforcement, movement, combat etc). It's a noise that that'll happen frequently, and sometimes in quick succession when the computer plays, so it should be subtle and unobtrusive. I actually think the tank movement noise would be better suited to the needs of this sound effect than for tanks! Something like a softer, quieter version of it, anyway.

vi) A sound, probably a click, when selecting a unit type in the reinforcement bar (for the first and each subsequent time a different unit type is selected in it).

vii) A sound when placing a reinforcement unit on the map.

viii) A sound when a unit hides.

ix) Sounds for Victory and Defeat. Currently, there's silence. It would be nice to hear something celebratory or downtrodden, as applicable.

x) A sound notifying when it's the player's turn in multiplayer.

I also think it would be good to see some more visual information about this. I'm visualising something like this: it's opponent's turn, in the upper-left of the screen just to the right of the flags, in white italics, slowly flashing, e.g. Deathson's turn...

Then when it's player's turn again they'd hear a notification sound and then see a text notification (where the Deathson's turn... was showing before), saying YOUR TURN, in white capital letters without italics. Whereas the text showing during the opponents turn would be on a continual slow flash, the YOUR TURN notice would appear (not flashing) and slowly fade to transparent/disappear, so as not to obscure the map at all.

That's one one way of doing it, anyway! I just give ideas... :D

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Re: Ideas for small improvements to game

Post#2 » 03 Feb 2016, 01:23

Also, playing multiplayer I wasn't sure who had the initiative at times. I think at the beginning of the turn there should be a pop-up showing pictures of the dice rolls and text saying which player had won the initiative.

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Re: Ideas for small improvements to game

Post#3 » 03 Feb 2016, 16:36

Montgomery_Python wrote:Also, playing multiplayer I wasn't sure who had the initiative at times. I think at the beginning of the turn there should be a pop-up showing pictures of the dice rolls and text saying which player had won the initiative.

1) initiative is clearly shown by the order of the army coloured flags on the top left of the screen: players will act in the order shown by the flags, from top to bottom, an order which is shuffled at each turn's beginning. Current player acting also shown by the flag that is enlarged

2) you can tweak the UI settings, accessible from the gear icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen, for how much help/assistance to be given by the interface. The beginner level shows a longer shuffling animation and the flag of the current player (which you also remarked in another post as something you'd like to be reminded of) flying across the screen. When people need less assistance they can switch to the subsequente settings in that menu.

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