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Fog of War

Post#1 » 24 Jan 2016, 22:30

Apparently you can not play this game unless Fog of War is on.
Game just disappears once you start the game.

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Re: Fog of War

Post#2 » 25 Jan 2016, 17:24

Hi and thanks for getting in touch.

I can't seem to be able to replicate the bug you mention.
On our computers the game works fine, both with and without the fog of war setting.
When you say the
Game just disappears
I guess you mean that it crashes back to windows?

Could you give us more information, like version of operative system, any error message printed... maybe a screenshot if applicable

Thank you

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Re: Fog of War

Post#3 » 26 Jan 2016, 11:00

It seems to be working fine now. first few tries of the day it acted similar to the other day. Works OK

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